Printing The City — Risograph Exhibition | A Collective Exploration of Bradford through Risograph Printing | 07 October until 26 November 2017

Printing The City is a group exhibition exploring Bradford through Risograph Printing.

Ben Holden (, a designer from Bradford with a passion for print purchased a Riso machine in April 2017. He has invited friends to help him explore the creative possibilities of this once-obsolete technology. Many will be producing Riso prints for the first time and have been invited to take Bradford’s buildings and landscape as starting points for their experiments.

A Dirty City | Nancy Haslam-Chance | Joan Day Painting Bursary | 01 - 30 September 2017

South Square Centre is pleased to select Bradford-born artist Nancy Haslam-Chance for this year's Joan Day Painting bursary. Nancy is interested in Bradford’s post-industrial landscape and the city has very much influenced the direction of her work, with some of her pieces featuring places such as Undercliffe Cemetery and Lister Mills. She explores forgotten industries; of workers feet, of mills and pits, as well as the friendships and anxieties of the time.

The award is a tribute to Joan Day, a highly skilled painter who lived and worked in the West Yorkshire region for much of her life. It is an opportunity for the selected artist to make a new body of work using paint and present this as part of a debut solo exhibition in South Square’s main gallery.

The Tulip Majumba Experience | Amrik Varkalis & Lesley Wall | 08 July - 28 August 2017

Exhibition Opens: 07 July 2017 7-9pm

Amrik Varkalis is an established painter and printmaker, she takes elements of contemporary society and experience to produce work that is collected and admired. Lesley Wall is a contemporary and conceptual Fine Artist who works with paint, print and photography; she is interested in process and viewers perceptions of her work. This collaboration brings together both artists’ work in order to explore and compare their different approaches to creative practice.

Cliffe Castle Curiosity Shop | Group Show | 05 May to 30 June 2017

In this special collaboration South Square Centre have teamed up with Cliffe Castle Museum to put together an exhibition celebrating this unique heritage building. South Square will be taking a look into the compelling collections on display at Cliffe Castle and asking artists Amelia Crouch, Luke Drozd and Katch Skinner to respond by making new artefacts for South Square’s Gallery and reproductions which can be sold at the Cliffe Castle Gift Shop.

Each Action Informs the Next | Crow Versus Crow and malorymaki | 04 March to 30 April 2017

South Square Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of abstract paintings by artists Crow Versus Crow and malorymaki.

Always Turned On | Romily Alice | 31 January – 26 February 2017

For Romily Alice’s solo exhibition at South Square Gallery presents neon work from two ongoing series that explore the relationship between the digital landscape and women's bodies.

Parity like it's 2069 | Group Show | 05 November - 18 December 2016

South Square presents ‘Parity like it’s 2069’ an exhibition exploring the gaps in gender equality that exists across the world.

‘Parity like it’s 2069’ will be open during ‘Equal Pay Day’ on November 10th the date in the year by which all succeeding work by women goes unpaid in the UK due to the current gender pay gap. It aims to highlight unequal working practices, which still remain today.

STEAM ahead | 06 September - 30 October 2016

South Square is pleased to present a series of interlinked exhibitions, workshops and events exploring the intersections of art, technology and science. This brings together a range of artists with non-traditional approaches to drawing, print, video and sculpture; using unusual tools, technologies, natural phenomena and restraints to open up the creative process.

Printing Communities | 02 July – 28 August

South Square Centre opened over 30 years ago and this exhibition brings together archive event posters from grassroots activities during this period in Bradford and beyond. The exhibition will include posters and documentation from Bradford Festival, Bradford Print Biennial, Oriental Arts, Dean Clough, 1in12 Club and South Square. The exhibition will highlight the various community and arts events that have taken place at South Square within the wider context of Bradford, a city with a strong tradition of community and grassroot projects. Reflecting on past activities hopes to spark conversations and collaborations for future programme and events for Thornton.

Joan Day Painting Bursary | Rufus Newell | 04 June – 26 June 2016

South Square Gallery is pleased to announce that this year's Joan Day Painting Bursary has been awarded to Rufus Newell. The selection panel were drawn to Rufus’ playful and colourful painting style. It was clear from his application that Rufus enjoys experimenting with paint and whilst he has lots of experience exhibiting as part of collectives and in group exhibitions this will be Rufus’ first solo exhibition.

Rufus’ work is spontaneous and immediate and he uses painting and drawing (and drawing with paint) to quickly develop both 2-D and 3-D works. This energetic and rapid way of working can result in the depiction of heads, horses, arms, noses, fists, pots, leaves and cakes! The exhibition will come together through a process of overlaying and editing, to create an installation in gallery space. Rufus explains…

I Am No Bird | 02 April - 29 May 2016

South Square Centre is located on the outskirts of Bradford in Thornton, a village which is also birthplace of the three Brontë sisters. April 2016 marks the bicentenary of Charlotte Brontë’s birth, so to celebrate all of South Square’s exhibitors will be women and there will be a range of artworks, events and activities in response to this throughout April and May. South Square has commissioned Yorkshire Film Archive to create a short film, weaving together images of women recorded on film over the decades of the twentieth century, engaging in a variety of activities from politics, engineering, education and sports. The footage has been drawn from the collections housed by the Yorkshire Film Archive- these are not films made about women, the intention has been to capture more abstract recordings of women going about their everyday lives. To accompany the film there will be a soundtrack by Todmorden-based musician Magpahi (aka Alison Cooper). The music will be made using a mixture of acoustic and electronic instruments, processed vocals as well as objects inherited from her Bradford born relatives.

MA Fine Art Show | Group Show | 05 - 27 March 2016

Sharon Fortune | James Lester | Ceri Lewis | Sue Mencioni | Jackie Robertshaw | Abigail Cliff | Edele Leah | Liam Howard | Pat Fuller | John Stainton | Claire Wellesley-Smith (artist in residence)

South Square's longstanding relationship with Bradford College's staff, students and graduates continues with March's exhibition of MA Fine Art students work in progress. The exhibition will take over both the main gallery and community room spaces. Through their projects students are exploring topics such as representation, self-portraiture and consumerism using a broad range of mediums including collage, photograph, drawing, illustration and painting.

Image Credit: 'Witty' by Sue Mencioni

'For What its Worth' | Group Show | 19th January - 28th February 2016

Featuring: Amelia Crouch, Sarah Harris, William Gall, Luke Drozd, Jean McEwan, Kate Murdoch, Beth Rose, Giuseppe Lambertino and Mick Welbourn

South Square Gallery presents 'For What its Worth', an exhibition of affordable art and an exploration into how artwork is priced and valued. Works vary from drawing and sculpture to video and photography with artists offering insights and anecdotes about how they cost their own work. Timed to coincide after Christmas - a period when many attempt to match the cost of objects with their emotive value - and also during the austere and bargain-filled month of January 'For What its Worth' offers a space to reflect on our spending impulses.

You Lived Here Mrs Pool(e) | Jenny Zigzag | 07 November – 20 December 2015

Mrs Poole and Jenny Zigzag lived in the same house in Shipley; but a hundred years apart.

In this exhibition Jenny investigates memory and loss, the marks we make and the things we leave behind.

To Draw is to be Human | Group Show | 05 September – 25 October 2015

“Drawing is everywhere. We are surrounded by it – it is sewn into the warp and weft of our lives: we practice it as one of our earliest experiences as schoolchildren, and as parents we treasure the drawings made by our off-spring like nothing else. People draw everywhere in the world; drawing can even be used as a global visual language when verbal communication fails. As adults we use it pragmatically to sketch our own maps and plans, but we also use it to dream – in doodles and scribbles…. Indeed, drawing is part of our interrelation to our physical environment, recording in and on it, the presence of the human.” Dexter, E, (2005) ‘To draw is to be human” in Vitamin D, 2005, Phaidon: London, PP6-10.

This exhibition brings together the work of five artists that use drawing as the centre of their practice; Narrative, Construction, Gesture, Mapping and Inscription could be seen as the key principles that these artists are investigating through their diverse practices.

The Fragile Edge | Christine Herbert | 08 – 30 August 2015

Christine Herbert produces large, dynamic, colourful paintings using layers of acrylic paint on canvas and linen which are dramatic and exciting when viewed from a distance but also repay closer viewing, where the complex and often delicate layering of the paints can be seen.

'Curio-sea-ty' | Lorna Barrowclough and Hondartza Fraga | 06 June – 26 July 2015

In 'Curio-sea-ty' Lorna Barrowclough and Hondartza Fraga explore the theme of sea, and our relationships with it. Based on wide research, including visits to key maritime centres and museums, they have developed new work created both collaboratively and individually. 'Curio-sea-ty' is work in progress – artworks will continue to be developed, but this exhibition provides a useful point at which to present the work, share ideas, reflect on progress made and consider the next steps.

High Line | Group Show | 4 April – 24 May 2015

Melissa Burn | Caro Blount-Shah | Alison Carthy | Jennie Crawford | Emma Hardaker | Edward Hurst
Anna Malcolm | Rhianna Mayhew | Mita Solanky

High Line celebrates the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Pennine Way National Trail. Through a range of works, 9 artists provide their own perspectives on the memorable experiences of walking the route. Immersive photos bring the exhilaration of wide open spaces in to the gallery, while textiles referencing the wool industry of the Pennines capture the subtle textures and colours of the landscape. Installations to do with footprints and the spine, and re-creating the sound and soil under our feet, all explore the physicality of walking the route. Walking as endurance, restoring its shamanic mystery, is considered in a video, while a constructed trig point brings a familiar feature into an unexpected context. Images captured through print and photograph consider the shifting and threading line of the Way along the watershed, as well as constructed notions of wilderness and naturalness.

The exhibition is co-curated by Simon Warner and Nancy Stedman, and selection was by Simon Warner and Yvonne Carmichael.

Work in Progress | MA Visual Arts students from the Bradford College | 07 - 29 March 2015

Edele Booth | Pat Fuller | Jane Holmes | Liam Howard | Jackie Robertshaw | John Stainton | Claire Wellesley-Smith | Roza Zaleska*

*Artist in residence

The March exhibition in the gallery will be of work in progress by Bradford School of Arts and Media MA Visual Arts students. For over twenty years the MA programme has been a space for critically engaged art practice. This exhibition creates a project space that brings together artists to engage in dialogue across a wide range of creative practices including print, photography, painting, textiles and installation. The variety of work evidences the diversity of processes, interests and interpretation by this new generation of artists.

Image courtesy of Edele Booth

I Sought Solitude | Group Show | 07 – 22 February 2015

Curated by Abi Mitchell

I Sought Solitude is an exhibition exploring the notion of solitude, isolation and journey.

Residual Projects | Group show | 05 December 2014 - 25 January 2015

Seven artists – six residencies – one group show

Residual Projects is the culmination of an annual traineeship programme between South Square Gallery and The Hepworth Wakefield, which sees Curator Charlie Booth make her debut. Charlie explains,

‘Residual Projects is a critical look at traditional artists residencies, where work will be created and installed whilst the gallery is open. The result will be a group exhibition which grows week by week as different artists enter and leave the space. This is an interactive project, where visitors are invited to engage with the work being created so as to better understand the processes used and decisions made.’

Indelible Shadows | Malina Busch | 04 October – 23 November 2014

South Square Gallery is pleased to announce that this year's Joan Day Painting Bursary has been awarded to Malina Busch. For the exhibition Indelible Shadows, Busch takes the subject of night as a starting point from which to explore the relationship between ephemeral experience, memory, and material.

Betwixt and Between | Gayle Chong Kwan | 02 August – 21 September 2014

South Square Gallery is pleased to present Betwixt and Between, an exhibition by internationally renowned artist Gayle Chong Kwan. The artist will experiment with discarded and overlooked objects to create a new installation for South Square.

MISS | Roy Voss | 07 June - 20 July 2014

MISS is a two-part commission that takes the form of an exhibition in South Square Gallery and sited artworks located around the Bronte Parsonage Museum.

Sampler | Samantha Donnelly | 05 April – 25 May 2014

Sampler showcases new and existing sculptural work that weaves together imagery and found objects to form a landscape of dislocated and interrupted representations.

Work in Progress | MA Visual Arts students from the Bradford College | 08 - 23 March 2014

Showcased at South Square Gallery, Thornton, the MA Visual Arts students of Bradford College present a collection of work focused on the exploration of representation versus perception. What unites them is their persistent questioning of social themes; representation of the self and the Other; representation through media distortion and the subversion of objects and their accepted roles.

Geode | Lisa Denyer | 08 February – 02 March 2014

Delving into the artist’s fascination with landscape and the sublime, Geode is a series of new paintings and sculptures that exploit the materiality of paint through a subtle interplay between image, illusion and space.

‘My Head is an Animal’ | 07 December 2013 - 02 February 2014

Linder Sterling | Margaret Harrison | Samantha Donnelly | Holly Slingsby | Mette Sterre | Rebecca Cusworth Elizabeth Hudson | Jamie Crewe | Anna Turner | Sarah Eyre | Lorna Barrowclough

Curated by Clare Nadal

...what I saw
Appeared like something in myself, a dream,
A prospect in the mind.

- Wordsworth, The Prelude

Showcased at South Square Gallery, Thornton, the group exhibition My Head is an Animal explores the art of self-representation and expression, our inherent desire to create and recreate a sense of self. What unites the artists in this exhibition is their examination of not only the beauty, but also the horror within our internal dreams, myths and fantasies.

Absence of Essence | Stuart Rushworth | 05 October - 24 November 2013

This year’s Joan Day Painting Bursary has been awarded to the West Yorkshire artist, writer and poet Stuart Rushworth. The Joan Day Bursary is an annual award in tribute to the memory of painter, Joan Day, who lived and worked in Yorkshire for much of her life. South Square Gallery offers this bursary to support promising emerging painters, inviting them to produce new work for a solo exhibition in the gallery.

The Wooden Igloo | Sigbjørn Bratlie | 07 August - 22 September 2013

Throughout August and September, South Square Gallery will become home and studio for Norwegian artist Sigbjørn Bratlie. Located on the edge of Brontë Country, the gallery space will offer itself as a live-in studio where Bratlie will be afforded both time and space to develop his artistic practice in a very different setting to that of his studio in Oslo.

Sally Barker | Contemporary Sedimentary | 08 June - 28 July 2013

Sourcing an eclectic mix of organic and synthetic materials, including weathered stone and neon Perspex, Barker constructs intricate sculptures and photographic scenes that explore our complex and ever-shifting relationship with the natural and built environment. Seeing her role as encompassing elements of architect and gardener, Barker is interested in how we connect, intervene and leave our mark on the environment around us. Caught between the urban sprawl of Bradford and the wilds of the Bronte moors, South Square Gallery provides a prime location to continue this research further.

David McLeavy | Villa | 06 April - 26 May 2013

Through creating an ambiguous environment that blurs the boundaries between a living space and a gallery space, McLeavy examines how we view, associate and interact with our own individually assembled domesticated spaces.

Wet Paint Collective | The Kozyrev Mirror | 02 - 24 February 2013

South Square Gallery invites the Wet Paint collective, a group of emerging artists and curators from Leeds, to use the gallery as a curatorial test bed to experiment, research and produce new work.

DROMOLOGY - THE LOGIC OF SPEED | 08 December 2012 - 27 January 2013

Curated by Helen Thackray.

Dromology, a term coined by the social theorist: Paul Virilio, is the starting point for this group exhibition which explores the complex relationship between technological advancements and our use and perception of physical space.

Stephen Marshall | The Ocean Is Dark Until I Held It In My Hand | 03 - 25 November 2012

For Stephen Marshall, tradition is not a historical concept; it is an unavoidable aspect of the contemporary. Through woodcuts, sculptures and the spaces between them, Marshall sets the stage for an encounter with a personal yet universal history of experience.

Sophie Victoria Elliott | Joan Day Bursary Exhibition | 06 - 28 October 2012

This year's Joan Day Painting Bursary has been awarded to the West Yorkshire artist, Sophie Victoria Elliott. The Joan Day Bursary is an annual award in tribute to the memory of the highly skilled painter, Joan Day, who lived and worked in Yorkshire for much of her life. South Square Gallery offers this bursary to support promising emerging painters, inviting them to produce new work for a solo exhibition in the gallery.

Dominic Mason | Xanthopsia and 189 | 06 - 28 September 2012

Following a residency at South Square Gallery, artist Dominic Mason presents new works encompassing the formal and ridiculous elements of municipal flower displays, the indulgence of painting and conspicuous pomp in the age of austerity.

Shaeron Caton-Rose | Procession at Kirkstall Abbey | 02 June - 03 September 2012

South Square Gallery presents a new offsite project by artist Shaeron Caton-Rose at Kirkstall Abbey, one of the best preserved 12th century Cistercian monasteries in the country. Kirkstall Abbey is part of Leeds Museums and Galleries.

Within the grounds of Kirkstall Abbey, contemporary artist Shaeron Caton-Rose places a series of enigmatic and reflective artworks which have been inspired by the spiritual and geographical history of the site. Over the summer, visitors will experience Kirkstall Abbey in a new light as their journey through the site is punctuated by surprising encounters with four very different artworks.

Rebecca Chesney | Hope's Whisper | 02 - 29 July 2012

From drizzle and mist to storms and gales; thunder and lightning to sunshine and rain the Bronte sisters' novels reference the same changing weather conditions that continue today. Through historical research into their lives and writing, present day weather recordings and collecting personal accounts, Chesney discovers the permanent impact that weather has on life and literature.

Simon Boase | The Distinction Between Being Up and Being Down | 02 June - 01 July 2012

Through inviting live contributions from international DJs, sharing mixes online and constructing furniture that references the interiors of house parties, Boase creates an environment where dance music and the structures of its proliferation are utilised and made accessible.

Lisa Wigham | Into the Bright Blue Fields | 05 - 27 May 2012

Through drawing, etching and text, Wigham explores our transient and interactive relationship with the landscape.

Michael Day | Loopholes | 07 - 29 April 2012

Loopholes is a solo exhibition by Sheffield-based artist Michael Day that combines video projections and electronics to explore moving image, landscape and technology.

Chris Smith | Telling the Truth Takes Time | 03 - 26 Feb 2012

The empty shell of a caravan, a collapsing airship, a gold locket and a view through an aircraft window are just some of the motifs in the paintings of Chris Smith. These are not specific objects or places, but rather vague signifiers, fusing together ideas of invention and memory.

Abort, Retry, Fail? | 05 November - 23 December 2011

Eleven artists from across the UK investigate the creative process as one of trial and error, reflectively exploring the ideas of struggle, failure, the impossible and the unresolved as a necessary path to success. What unifies the group is a focus on the methods and processes of working, presenting art as evidence of an ongoing creative journey with trials and transformations along its way.

Esther Johnson | Obsession | 09 - 30 October 2011

To coincide with Ways of Looking, a new festival of photography in Bradford, South Square presents artist filmmaker and photographer Esther Johnson's Analogue Kingdom. This short film is a poetic portrait of Gerald Wells, founder and curator of the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum.

Alfie Strong | Artist in residence | 01 - 28 August 2011

Born in Shrewsbury and now living and working in Leeds, Strong is an emerging talent who endeavours to produce art which is not only linked to but also steeped in a sense of the past. Left behind as a fingerprint, it is this notion of residual history which resides in Strong's work and frequently occupies him as an artist. Exploring the historical and the uncanny, Strong's works take the form of sculptural installations, often crafted from recovered materials.

Emmy Twigge | How to get the bits back | 02- 31 July 2011

What would a stomach tied up in knots actually look like? How would it really feel to drive a square peg into a round hole? What does it feel like to be in this body? These questions form the starting point for artist Emmy Twigge, whose artworks endeavour to describe and express the feelings of the heart and the body.

Tom Ireland | Every day we are apart, (I miss you more than ever) | 4th - 26th June 2011

In a space surrounded by the dramatic landscape of Bronte country, Tom Ireland presents an exhibition of new works developed in response to South Square Gallery's unique location

Conrad Atkinson | Dreams of Permanence, Hopes of Transience| 01 April - 22 May 2011

Thornton, the birthplace of the Bronte siblings, provides a fertile setting for internationally renowned artist Conrad Atkinson to revisit a past installation and unveil new drawings inspired by the roots of literary creation.

Hondartza Fraga | Ever remote, ever there | 05 - 27 February 2011

Hondartza's latest work revolves around the ideas of home and of elsewhere, exploring what it may mean to be lost in between. From drawing to video, original to found, Ever remote, ever there is an exhibition of works that seek to re-interpret the fictional and elusive character of home and the unknown.

Andrew Lister | Appropriating Power | 02 - 24 October 2010

Lifting iconic and often controversial imagery from the media, Lister examines his feelings towards contemporary conflicts through a series of quietly considered yet politically charged works.

Nichola Pemberton | Grooving Heads | 04 - 26 September 2010

This year's Joan Day Bursary recipient charters new creative ground through a series of ingenious yet playful kinetic paintings.

Bronte Parsonage Museum | Wordshed | 17 July - September 2010

For the summer months the Bronte Parsonage Meadow Space will be occupied by an interactive installation by artist Merry Swarbrick. Swarbrick's work playfully manipulates language to explore past life events. At Haworth she will create an intimate space to promote personal reflection and encourage visitors to engage in writing themselves.

Emi Avora | Dictionary Of Ornaments | 07 - 29 August 2010

Conjuring large cinematic scenes, Emi Avora depicts a surreal world that overflows with abundance and defies obvious explanation.

Rupert Clamp | Ten Yards Lane | 03 July - 01 August 2010

The unique setting of Thornton village becomes the focus a socially engaged commission that explore a maze of snickets, bricked-up windows and secret places.

Dominic Hopkinson | Plato, Meet Buckminster | 05 - 27 June 2010

One of Yorkshire's most accomplished and captivating sculptors brings together stone carving, plaster casts and a new durational installation that explores the nature of form and philosophy.

Alan Gummerson | Blitz and Pieces | 08 - 30 May 2010

A nostalgic show that provides a new insight into the fertile imagination of artist Alan Gummerson, who since 1945, has devoted his life to art and the pursuit of ideas.

Sabine J Bieli | Fr- Agile | 06 - 28 February 2010

Produced during an artist's residency at Spurn Point [Humber Estuary], Sabine J Bieli exhibits three-dimensional video sculptures that subtly recall centuries of slowly shifting sands and reflect the fragility of this historic coastline.

Group show | A Room of Words | 05 December 2009 - 24 January 2010

Curated by Deborah Britton

Here we play with words. A Room of Words is an exhibition of work by fifteen Yorkshire based visual artists all of whom advocate playful and experimental use of text within their work.

Christian Mieves | On the Beach | 07 - 30 November 2009

Through painting, artist Christian Mieves explores the geographical and cultural location of the beach landscape. Geographically the beach represents a transgression between the land and the sea, while culturally it may stand for a similar infringement of social boundaries.

Hania Stella-Sawicka | Diversions in the Agate Mine | 03 - 25 October 2009

During a week-long residency staying at a cottage in the shadows of Thornton Viaduct, a short walk from South Square Gallery, artist Hania Stella-Sawicka develops a new site-responsive installation inspired by the surrounding landscape of disused quarries and golf courses.

Lisa V Robinson | New Work | 05 - 27 September 2009

Joan Day Bursary recipient Lisa V Robinson explores the possibilities of paint as a medium whilst attempting to find a special balance between abstraction and figuration.

Nick Cass | Flatworks | 08 - 30 August 2009

Flat sculptures and drawings that explore a visual paradox where surface materiality conflicts with the illusions of perspective.

Missing and Not Known | Loren Lockwood and Robert Costello | 6 - 28 June 2009

Artist Pat Harvey culminates months of research and investigation to form a retrospective exhibition of work by two very different and intriguing artists. On display are paintings painted over paintings, sketch book extracts, quirky personal objects, and revealing newspaper cuttings that, collectively, attempt to present some understanding of these artists' lives. Yet important questions remain open.

Paula Chambers | Bottom Drawer | 2 - 31 May 2009

A provocative exhibition that relates and responds to current perspectives on motherhood and its role in contemporary society. These unnerving sculptures and installations contain multiple layers of meaning; the outcome is subtle and surprising, disturbing and amusing.

Rona Smith | Quietly | 7 - 29 March 2009

Arbitrary and accidental incidents act as a starting point for a series of installations and sculptures that explore themes of process and transformation.

Clare Carter | Wandering Garden | 7 February - 1 March 2009

Following three years of travelling and painting throughout Europe, from Cyprus to Greenland this exhibition presents works that have been threaded together by journeys and ideas that explore the exotic and unfamiliar

Dawn Woolley | Interloper | 6 December 08 - 4 January 2009

An exhibition showcasing recent works that explore the tensions between the photographic image and its subject. Photographic sculptures depicting the artist are placed in the real world enticing the viewer's intimate gaze.

Ignaz Cassar | Declining Images | 4 - 26 October 2008

An exhibition of photographic works exploring the 're-presenting' mechanisms of the black-and-white photograph.

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