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Capital Works Update #1

Our capital project is underway and we are pleased to give you our first building works update.

The mammoth scaffolding covering the west side of the building has nearly finished being secured and CWR Scaffolding are wrapping 4-lift structure and temporary roof in Monoflex to protect the building works from the elements so that it may continue through bad weather.

A sample pointing panel has been produced and approved by conservation. The pointing is proving a challenge to remove. This pointing that was put in in 1980’s, was done incorrectly using concrete in places meaning the pointing is unable to breathe and eroding the stone. The new pointing will be made of lime stone mortar, keep your eyes peeled for a lime stone mortar mixing workshop in 2021.

The ceiling and electrics have been removed in the gallery and community spaces and they have started to lift off the roof. Our building contractor, Dobsons, have identified that the roof slates have been fitted incorrectly, which might account for South Square’s many leaks. Asbestos and fire improvement works have started in lower ground floor spaces.

This week Rob from Brooks Ecology visited the centre. Brooks Ecology have conducted several surveys of the centre over the past two years and identified three common pipiestrelle bats using South Square’s roof spaces. In order to conserve the species whilst the roof is taken off Brooks installed a bat box so that our nocturnal friends have somewhere to roost. You can see Rob talking about this on our instagram here. 

A big thanks to Sky Captain Aerial Imaging for these fantastic shots of the building works in progress.

Click here for Capital Update #2 December

Image taken by Sky Captain drone
A heatmap image of one of the bats entering the building, bat circled in red.