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Blue Plaque Project

South Square is committed to promoting Thornton as the birthplace of the Brontë sisters, through education and outreach. 

In July 2021, a heritage blue plaque was unveiled at the Bronte Birthplace in Thornton Village to honour the sisters contribution to literature.

Using this historic occasion, South Square Centre worked with artist Jenny Dalby and 270 Year 7 students at Beckfoot Thornton, to create their own blue plaques using the cyanotype process.

Cyanotype is created when light sensitive solution is applied to paper. The light sensitive paper is then exposed to UV light (such as the sun, or a UV lamp) Students placed negatives featuring the Bronte sisters writing, images of Thornton as well as natural objects, fabric, keys and trinkets on top of the negatives to form an abstract artwork. After the exposure, the paper was washed to reveal the final artwork.

Throughout the Summer of 2022, 270 circular cyanotypes were presented around Thornton Village in places of significance to the project.  An accessible map was created outlining a village trail which guided people to the various locations; Thornton Community Centre, Bronte Birthplace, Brontë Bell Chapel and South Square Centre. It was a great opportunity for the students to see their creations in such a public artwork setting.

Pupils Reached: 270
Workshops Facilitated: 9
Public Audience Reached: 500+