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Capital Update #4

May 2021

We are nearing the end of our capital renovation. At the end of April, the scaffolding was removed as all the external works are now complete. This shows off the beautiful new pointing. South Square staff and volunteers got the opportunity to put the finishing touches on the pointing, as can be seen in the video on this page.

The courtyard has also been cleared and cleaned and the ironmongery in the courtyard has been refreshed by volunteers on one of our volunteer days.

There are still works to do on the electrics and ironmongery (door handles!) indoors, where there have been some delays on sourcing the right fittings. We are working towards this being completed by the end of May and then we can start the snagging process. The project is coming in on time and on budget and we are working towards completion by the end of June.

The centre is getting new signage designed by Journal including an info point for the courtyard. You may have seen the new sign on the east facing elevation which was unveiled when the scaffolding came down a few weeks ago.

Work has started on improving the garden so that it is suitable for us all to enjoy and use for activities. Inside we are preparing the public spaces, and a new exhibition ready to open in June.

Our garden undergoes development
The internal spaces on the east wing, nearly ready to welcome tenants back
Our new external signage on the east facing facade