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Mindful May 2022

This open event celebrated the importance of Mental Health Awareness Week. This full day at South Square saw paid for workshops, free drop-in sessions, skill sharing and community groups getting together to support the public and offer alternative therapies to improve mindfulness and wellbeing.

Mindful May saw all age groups and genders accounted for with a wide range of activities including Expressive Dance for children, Painting for Beginners, Sound Bath Meditation, Nidra Yoga, Build your own Terrarium and Make a Thornton Heritage Cyanotype.

We implemented a ‘Bring Your Own Vinyl’ afternoon, which was aimed at alleviating loneliness and isolation using the tool of music to spark conversations and friendships.

Representatives from local community groups including Sapgate Gardens , The Bridge Project and It’s Worth Talking About came to spread the word of the important work that they do. 

Visitors looked calm, happy, and positive. positive. Many commented on how brilliant the day was.

Workshop participants: 24
Drop-In participants: 56
Projected Visitors: 120-150