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Mini Stained-Glass Kits

As an add-on to the popular Winter Windows project, we created a series of take home kits, expanding the involvement of the winter windows to those who may not have a street facing window, or who may live outside of the immediate village. 

These at home kits were inspired by the artwork which was created by Ellie Mone, on display in our garden, and South Square’s connection to stained glass. 

Thornton’s connection to stained glass stretches far back in history. Celebrated Arts and Craft activist and designer William Morris created the East facing stained glass windows at St James Church on Thornton Road. The windows were restored in 2015 by Barley Studios at a cost of £30,000 with support from English Heritage, The William and Jane Morris Fund among others. 

At South Square Centre, the artwork nods to our own heritage. John Harold Jenning and sons, plumbers and glaziers ran their business from the centre from 1911. The workshop was in the lower ground part of the building. They made and restored leaded lights for the community. Members of the Jennings family lived at South Square until the early 1980’s.  

250 kits were created, and this year we created a Allerton special edition, a design based on Chellow Dean reservoir in Allerton. 70 kits were sent to primary schools in Allerton. 

Activity kits were supported by Bradford Council.