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Workers Cottages & Welfare in Bradford Exhibition

Our Trainee Connor was given the task of creating his own Exhibition, where he looked at Bradfords Working Cottages. This was a link to both South Square’s heritage as well as Connors interest in Architecture. Inspired by local artist Mick Welbourn, Connor used his own photography as well as digital graphics to create a series of mixed media pieces, which look at different elements of the typical workers cottage in Bradford. Mixed media: Pen and Pencil.

1: Materialistic elements: Oak, timber, Slate, Cobbles, Brick, steel, Sandstone.

2: Sub-elements: Windows, doors, Chimneys, Walls, Railings, gutters.

3: Workers profession elements: Fabric Weaves, wool, leather boot texture.

Connor also looked at pre 1920 workers cottages and mills in the centre of Thornton’s village, focusing on building materials of early workers’ cottages and the local industries such as weaving, of which the workers were accustomed to in the area.  This he used to create a 3D map of the surrounding area around Thornton. The slate for the buildings corresponds to the roofs, with the roads lined with textiles to represent Luddites in the household. Other elements are used to represent the rustic industrial feel for the piece, such as coal and dark tones throughout.

A QR code was also displayed alongisde the artwork to view a website which displayed images and texts outlining three key factors that rounded up the exhibiton. One being Bradfords Workers Cottages, Thornton & its Characteristics & Proffesions as well as changings ideas of workers welfare in Bradford. If you would like to view this for yourself, copy and paste the link here into the web to access:

The art will be on Display from the 1st April 2022 till 29th May 2022.