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Thornton By Numbers

During our creative consultation activities in 2018, we had spoken to residents in Headrow Court who said they enjoyed doing Painting By Numbers. We decided to make this activity a reality with the help of our heritage activity trainee Chloe. During lockdown, Chloe’s first task with us was designing this excellent painting by numbers kit, themed around places of historical interest in Thornton. Chloe had suggested the idea when she was volunteering with us before lockdown. The first design was this Thornton Viaduct design, which was packaged into envelopes and included paints, paintbrushes, a comprehensive guide and heritage information sheet.

Due to the success of the kits, we developing a second design of the Brontë Bell Chapel. 

In addition to this we also created remote activity kits for children including; Make your own ‘Movers & Shakers’ kit created by Rosie McAndrew based on her classic ‘Movers & Shakers’ of famous figures, Make your own Kaleidoscope & Worry Doll kits. Over 240 kits were distributed during 2020, where Bradford experienced some of the countries strictest lockdown restrictions. 

Jessie picking up her Thornton By Numbers pack
A local participant with a Thornton By Numbers kit
Rosie McAndrew's 'Movers & Shakers' kits