The Invisible Writers’ Club is for anyone who wants to write imaginatively, or already does and wants to improve their skills. Whether you write short stories, novels, poetry or scripts, this ten-week course will train you up in some of the key techniques in the art and craft of writing. The course is available for ten students only. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. So don’t dilly dally. Your tutor will be Michael Stewart, an award-winning writer with many years’ experience of writing and teaching. He has written for theatre, radio and TV. He is also the author of five books. His debut novel, King Crow was the winner of The Guardian’s Not-The-Booker award. His latest book is a novel called Ill Will and is published by HarperCollins. His work has been translated into a number of other languages and sold all over the world. He is Head of Creative Writing at The University of Huddersfield.

Week one

An introduction to Creative Writing. Stimulating creativity and top writing tips. What is automatic writing? Or a focussed freewrite? Where do writers get their ideas from and how do you access the creative areas of your brain? This session includes lots of fun writing exercises to get you started.

Week two

The show/tell balance. Show don’t tell is a favourite maxim of Creative Writing tutors but what does this mean? Learn what showing and telling is in practical terms and find out when it is best to show and when it is best to tell. Find out key techniques for turning summaries into scenes and ideas into actions.

Week three

An introduction to story structure. Learn about the differences between epical and lyrical story structure. From folk tales to art tales. We start with Aristotle and his theory of three act structure, travelling through time and ending with more modern proponents of structure, such as Robert McKee. Find out about organic plot, the inciting incident and story beats.

Week four

Creating characters. What makes a compelling protagonist? Learn about different ways of portraying character and how to write plausible and complex characters that jump off the page. Where do you find characters from? Learn how to combine observation, experience and imagination to bring your characters to life. We will also be looking at some of the most memorable characters in literary history.

Week five

All writing is re-writing. In this session we will be looking at the different types of editing techniques: structural edits, line edits, and polishing. We will be studying early drafts of writers’ work, such as Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell and The Waves by Virginia Woolf and comparing them to the published work in order to gain insight into the editing process.

Weeks six – ten

During the next five weeks we will be focussing on giving constructive and creative feedback on your work. You will each be given on hour to present up to 5,000 words of your work-in-progress to the group. This is all about developing your craft through a bespoke approach to you and your creative output.

When: Thursday October 7th 2017 to Thursday 14th December 2017 (7 – 9pm)
Cost: £100 for 10 weeks
Number of places available: 10
Where: South Square Centre, Thornton

South Square, Thornton, Bradford, BD13 3LD
Email: | Telephone: +44 (0)1274 834 747
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